In 1996, the then London Arts Board offered small grants for exploratory projects aimed at addressing the lack of diversity in arts journalism. Loud Minority won one of the grants and made this video magazine called REAL, covering a sample of relevant artists and events at the time. Here is footage (shot on Hi8, transferred from VHS!) of
– Gil Scott-Heron talking and performing at a launch event for the re-publication of his two early novels (The Vulture & The N***** Factory) at the Subterrania Club, including an interview with his publisher Jamie Byng of Canongate Press.
– Nitin Sawhney talking about his 3rd album “Displacing the Priest”, with interviews with several band members and performance footage at Dingwalls club
– other pieces about a Manga range with adult themes, a British Caribbean play called “Temporary Rupture” starring Llewella Gideon & Wayne Buchannan, and PM Scientists, a drum and bass club night with guest DJ Bryan Gee.