Over 4 years, we made promotional and training videos for the annual, national “Count Me In” ethnicity census in mental health services. The videos were an integral part of the communications campaign for the Census, which was part of the Delivering Race Equality strategy that the Government put in place to improve the experiences and outcomes for black and minority ethnic people. The aims were to make ethnic monitoring universal in mental health services, to produce a high quality of information to judge how services were performing locally and nationally, and to assess if racial inequalities were being reduced.

Loud Minority produced a range of different videos to support the project [2005-2008]. An annual promotional video emphasised the importance of the census, what the statistics were showing, and how services could respond positively to the information. We looked at issues in mental health services as they affected lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, young people and people with learning difficulties. We also produced a staff training video that used drama scenes to help explain the purpose and procedures of the census.